WINA Food Safety Conference 2015

November 24–25, 2015

Speech Contents

Keynote Lecture

Dr. Shaw Watanabe
President, Life Science Promotion Foundation

"Instant Noodles – Past, Present and Future"

In the modern world, where 30% of its population is overweight, proper calorie intake and nutritionally-balanced diet are considered critical. However, the ideal diets vary depending on gender, age and the level of activities. Against this backdrop, Dr. Watanabe explained his proposed unique icon for new energy unit (80 kcal) for common foodstuffs. Accordingly, calorie calculation would be much easier, and people can have clearer image as to how much volume they can eat. Dr. Watanabe suggested that nutrients and ingredients, which contribute to health including weight control, can be taken into instant noodles. Thereby, we can bring instant noodle product up to be "One Complete Meal" that meets the food culture and health problems of respective countries.

Session 1

Mr. Mitsuru Tanaka
Chief Development Officer, Nissin Foods Holdings

"Instant Noodles as a Value Food"

While instant noodles are rich in calorie, issues about sodium content, PFC balance, deficiency in vitamin and minerals, etc. are pointed out. Mr. Tanaka showed the counter measures taken by Nissin Foods Group, and he presented the direction instant noodles as a value food should step forward.

Session 2

Mr. Yasuhiro Yamada
Chief Production Officer, Nissin Foods Holdings

"Food Defense as a Brand Owner – Video Plant Tour"

Mr. Yamada showed a video featuring the measures taken at Nissin's plans to prevent contamination and food tampering.

Session 3

Dr. Toshihiro Yamada
Director of Nissin Global Food Safety Institute (Japan), Chief Quality Officer, Nissin Foods Holdings

"Food Safety Management of Instant Noodles which Food Safety Institute Encourages"

Dr. Yamada explained the outline of the Food Safety Institute of Nissin Foods Group, touching upon several specific incidents as case study.

Session 4

Dr. Mariko Nishizawa
Director, Litera Japan Corporation

"Risk Communication in the Food Industry"

With the rise of consumers' concern about food safety, consumers themselves and their circumstances are changing. Under such situation, Dr. Nishizawa lectured on what risk communication was as well as what prevents risk communication.


WINA Chairman Koki Ando presented a draft of the WINA Value Food Charter. Five action principles; 1) Pursue "One Complete Meal," 2) Take the Lead in Healthy Diets, 3) Be Responsible for the "Safety & Trust" in All Processes, 4) Coexist Harmoniously with Stakeholders, and 5) Be an Epoch-Making Innovator, were approved. From now on, based on the charter, WINA member-companies will jointly engage in the activities to make instant noodles a value food.

Closing Remarks

Dr. Pojjanee Paniangvait
Vice President, Thai President Foods, P.C.L.

To wrap up the two-day conference, Dr. Paniangvait, presented closing remarks, reaffirming the importance to ensure food safety.

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