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Qualification of WINA Members and Executive Officers


*Please refer to Article 4 of WINA Articles

Regular Members instant noodle manufacturers
Associate Members companies other than the instant noodle manufacturer who are engaged in instant noodle related businesses
Special Members state authority, public institution or academic society

Executive Officers

*Please refer to Article 7 of WINA Articles

  1. Governors: Not more than 15 (appointed from instant noodle manufacturer Members from the top fifteen countries/regions in terms of market size upon the resolution of the Board of Governors.)
  2. The representative of the Regular Member who is the top manufacturer in its respective country/region among the principal instant noodles producing countries/regions shall serve as the Governor for its respective country/region. However, if such top manufacturer is prevented from discharging its duties, depending on the circumstances of such country/region, another instant noodle manufacturer from that country/region shall act as such governor, subject to the approval of the Board of Governors. Also, the representative of the Regular Member whose annual servings are over 3 billion shall have a right to serve as a Governor for its respective country/region with the recommendation of a Governor and/or all Governors based in that country/region and approval of Governors' meeting of WINA. The Governor with the greatest sales volume in that country/region shall serve as a channel of communication for daily operation of WINA.

Fees and Admission


*Please refer to Article 14 of WINA Articles

  Initiation Fees Membership Dues
(for a two-year period)
(1) Governors US$ 10,000 US$ 7,000
(2) Regular Members US$ 1,000 US$ 1,000
(3) Associate Members US$ 500 US$ 500
(4) Special Members US$ 500 US$ 500

Admission Procedure

*Please refer to Article 5 of WINA Articles

If you are interested in becoming a member, please fill out the contact form and send it to us. We will send you an application form in return.

Admission Guide (in English) [PDF 907KB]

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