The 7th World Instant Noodles Summit

April 20–21, 2010


EARTH FOOD: Making It Happen

Dates April 20 (Tue)–21 (Wed), 2010
Venue Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Host Nestlé Products Sdn. Bhd.

The leaders of the world's major manufacturers of instant noodles, assembled in Kuala Lumpur at the 7th World Instant Noodles Summit on April 20–21. The Summit was attended by 47 instant noodle manufacturers from 18 different countries/regions, and a total of some 300 people. Under the theme of "EARTH FOOD: Making It Happen," we reaffirmed the five principles of instant noodles: (1) being tasty and nutritious, (2) convenient, (3) safe and hygienic, (4) storable for long-term, and (5) reasonably priced, and discussed the action plans to elevate instant noodles to "Earth Food."


<Day 1>
  • Board of Governors Meeting
  • General Meeting
    Handover Ceremony
    Special Report
    Market Report
    TV Commercial Film Festival
<Day 2>
  • Forum
    Lecture 1 "Instant Noodles as Earth Food, The Answer to Food Crisis"
    Mr. Koki Ando, WINA Chairman/CEO of Nissin Foods Holdings

    Lecture 2 "New Dimensions in Nutrition–Creating Healthy Meals with Instant Noodles"
    Ms. Mary Easaw-John, Chief Dietitian, National Heart Institute of Malaysia

    Lecture 3 "Thought for Food"
    Mr. Dean Bramham, CEO of Publicis Communication Malaysia

    Lecture 4 "More Collaboration for Instant Noodles Industry's Sustainable Growth"
    Ms. Zhang Li, Director, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China

    Lecture 5 "Sustainable Distribution in the Food Supply Chain"
    Mr. Salim Ramli, Group Demand & Supply Planning Manager, Nestlé

    The Kuala Lumpur Declaration
  • Joint Press Conference

Event Report

Board of Governors Meeting

Day One (April 20) started with the Board of Governors Meeting, the decision-making body of WINA, at which top executives of world's leading instant noodle manufacturers assembled. The Board decided to make minor amendments of the WINA Articles of Association and touch in the activities based on the WINA Disaster Relief Fund and the WINA Food Safety Research Fund. Also, in order to ensure food safety, the Board proposed to utilize the WINA Food Safety Research Fund to examine the components of instant noodles of WINA members.

General Meeting

Following the Board of Governors Meeting was the General Meeting attended by some 140 top executives and senior managers of 47 instant noodles manufacturers from 18 different countries / regions. On behalf of the host company, Mr. Peter Vogt, Managing Director of Nestlé Products Sdn Bhd, made a welcome speech.
Mr. Koki Ando, WINA Chairman, then made an opening statement, in which he commented on the changing market environment, the food safety issues of the past two years since the previous Summit in Osaka. Quoting the words of late Momofuku Ando, the inventor of instant noodles, Mr. Koki Ando emphasized the responsibility of food manufacturers; "Working with food is a sacred occupation."

New Director General :

It was announced that Mr. Izham Mohamed of Nestlé Products Sdn Bhd would serve as the Director General of WINA for the next two years. By order of Mr. Izham Mohamed, activity report and accounting report were presented by the Secretariat.

Special Report :

Dr. Yamada, Chief Quality Officer of Nissin Foods Holdings, made a "Special Report" covering the issues of food safety and environmental protection. Specifically, he had a set of presentations titled "The Safety Indexes of the Chemicals in Food" and "Carbon Foot Print."

Market Report :

Governors made a short presentation on their respective market in turn.

Commercial Film Festival :

One of the main attractions of the World Instant Noodles Summit is the showing of commercial films from around the world. Total of 17 commercials were shown along with written presentation on the concept and objective.

KL Declaration :

Mr. Izham Mohamed, WINA Director General, announced the Kuala Lumpur Declaration.

Announcement of the Next Host :

WINA Chairman and Director General jointly announced that Tingyi Holding Corp would be the host of the 8th World Instant Noodles Summit. Mr. Robert Liu, Tingyi's COO, expressed the company's commitment to bring the 2012 Summit in Tianjin, China, a great success.

Welcome Dinner

Welcome dinner was held at Saloma Theatre Restaurant, near the convention venue. Cultural shows, ethnic costumes and dancing attracted the party attendees.


On Day Two (April 21), Forum was held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. The symposium-style event was attended by WINA Associate Members, invited public, and the press, in addition to the Day One attendees. Five guest speakers presented their views on the way to elevate instant noodles to "Earth Food" from their respective view points.

Mr. Koki Ando, Chairman of WINA & CEO of Nissin Foods Holdings
Ms. Mary Easaw-John, Chief Dietitian, National Heart Institute
Mr. Dean Bramham, CEO of Publicis Communication Malaysia
Ms. Zhang Li, Director, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China
Mr. Salim Ramli, Group Demand & Supply Planning Manager, Nestlé

Exhibition Booths

The instant noodles of WINA member companies from around the world were displayed at the exhibition booths at the KLCC.

Joint Press Conference

Wrapping up the two-day summit, Governors sent out the industry's commitment to the world at the press conference.

Gala Dinner

Gala Dinner was graced with the presence of Minister of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism, and was attended by some 300 guests. The winning entries of the Commercial Film Festival were awarded. Energetic performance by John "Kaizan" Neptune, a top master of the shakuhachi, the legendary Lewis Pragasam & ASIABEAT pumped up the farewell party.

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