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What is WINA ?

Promoted by Momofuku Ando, the inventor of instant noodles, and agreed to by a number of instant noodle manufacturers around the world, IRMA (International Ramen Manufacturers Association) was launched in 1997. The purpose of the Association is to improve the quality of instant noodles and increase its consumption through the mutual exchange of information by manufacturers around the world, to discuss environmental and technical issues, and to promote mutual friendship, thereby enhancing diets worldwide and contributing to the development of the industry.

IRMA changed its name in February 2007 to "WINA (World Instant Noodles Association)" to comply with the category name "Instant Noodles," certified as the authentic name under CODEX International Standards for Instant Noodles, which was adopted in the previous year.



World Instant Noodles Association (WINA)


March 4th, 1997


Mr.Koki Ando (President and CEO,Nissin Foods Holdings Co.,Ltd.)


Instant Ramen Museum
25, 8-chome, Masumi-cho, Ikeda-shi, Osaka 563-0041, Japan

Secretariate Office:

Norio Sakurai   Yoshitaka Nogami
28-1, 6-chome, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-8524, Japan
c/o Nissin Foods Holdings Co.,Ltd.

Business Program:

  1. To provide information by way of improving the quality and the safety of instant noodles.
  2. To collect and distribute industry data such as the world demand of instant noodles.
  3. To conduct PR activities by way of expanding instant noodle consumption.
  4. To hold the World Instant Noodles Summit as a platform to discuss issues of interest to
    Members and to transmit messages to the world.
  5. To help those in need by way of providing instant noodles.

The WINA Logo

World Instant Noodles Association

Design Concept

The waves symbolize the "Ocean" and "Noodles", uniting the world.
The letters were designed with familiar fonts, easily recognized by anyone who sees it.
The color "golden yellow" was chosen to represent "wheat", beautifully growing all over a field.

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