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The 6th World Instant Noodles Summit

Board of Governors Meeting

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In the Board of Governors Meeting attended by the world's top ten leading companies, WINA Governors actively discussed such issues as “instant noodles consumption,” “disaster relief,” and “food safety.” The establishment of “WINA Disaster Relief Fund,” using part of the inheritance of late Momufuku Ando, the first Chairman of this association, and the foundation of “WINA food safety research fund” were voted for.

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General Meeting

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Some 100 people, including WINA's regular members, attended the General Meeting. The then Director General, Sang Yoon Lee, pointed out that this summit meant a lot more than any other, in that it was 50 years since Momofuku Ando invented instant noodle here in Osaka, and that is was the first assembly since IRMA had been transformed into WINA. Sang Yoon Lee said that for the last half a century instant noodle industry has been growing, and then it should be qualitative growth for 50 years ahead. Koki Ando, new Director General of WINA, welcomed the participants from around the world, and emphasized the significance of WINA as a platform on which we attend to the food safety issues, the common subject for the instant noodles industry. During the general meeting, a special report about food safety was presented, and eleven speakers representing their own country/region reported about their instant noodles’ market.

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Unveiling Ceremony of Momofuku Ando's Statue

Photo 3

At Instant Ramen Museum in Ikeda City, where Momofuku Ando invented instant noodle, unveiling ceremony of the statue of Momofuku Ando was held. Among the attendees were Former Prime Minister Nakasone and other dignitaries.

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Exhibition Booths

Photo 4

WINA member companies appealed their products brought from around the world at their elaborately displayed booths, which drew attention of visitors.

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Some 400 people, Associate Members and guest audience besides WINA Regular Members, attended the Forum. Former Prime Minister of Japan, Junichiro Koizumi, and other distinguished guests were also among the attendees. Four of the most internationally renowned experts, Prof. Bruce Babcock of Iowa State University, Mr. Uichiro Niwa, Chairman of Itochu Corporation, Mr. Liangui Huang, Executive Deputy Director General of Chinese Ministry of Agriculture, Prof. Lynn Frewer of the University of Wageningen, gave lectures on various issues concerning instant noodles industry. The audience listened hard to the lectures.

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Osaka Declaration

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As the peace making industry, in order to improve the value of instant noodles and to contribute to people all over the world, the foundation of “WINA Disaster Relief Fund,” and “WINA Food Safety Research Fund” was announced. The declaration proposed that the use of raw materials for food should take precedence over the use of raw materials for energy. At last, the summit was concluded after confirming that the innovation for better safety, better health, better ecology, and more joy and happiness should be sought for the next 50 years.

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Press Conference

Photo 9

As this summit drew attentions of mass media; reporters of Japanese leading newspapers, correspondents, and TV crews, as well as journalists from many different countries actively participated in Q&A session.

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