Instant Noodles in TV and Comics

Many people may have the image of instant noodles as a convenient meal they can quickly eat when they are busy and don't have time to cook, or when they are just a little hungry. However, I believe that instant noodles provide not only convenience but also a "great happy time" to the people by arranging the noodles in their way and their different situations. There are many scenes of instant noodles in Japanese dramas and anime, and I would like to introduce some of them that will make you hungry.
In one of my favorite dramas, "What Did You Eat Yesterday?" there is a scene where the main character cooks and eats Sapporo Ichiban Miso Ramen alone on the night of New Year's Eve. Usually he is on a diet not to gain weight, but on that night, he blissfully enjoys his own version of ramen with stir-fried meat and vegetables, toppings with butter, and an egg on top. I couldn't help but be tempted to eat the same ramen, but it seems that many viewers did the same, and there were stores that sold out of Sapporo Ichiban Miso Ramen the day after the broadcast.
There is also a camping scene in the anime "Yuru Camp△" where the main character eats cup noodles curry flavor in the cold weather. Imagine eating hot instant noodles while surrounded by nature and a campfire makes me really hungry. There is also a scene in a popular anime called "Jujutsu Kaisen" where people eat cup noodles seafood flavor with spicychili pepper and milk even at midnight. You may hesitate to eat it in the late evening, but when you try it, you will be very satisfied with the best taste. Eating instant noodles late at night makes me feel somewhat guilty but satisfaction always comes first, I just cannot stop eating them. What a synergistic effect of guilt and satisfaction...
By the way, I feel it is a moment of supreme happiness when I eat Sapporo Ichiban Shio Ramen (bagged noodles) with shredded green onions and egg. My mother used to cook it for me since I was a little girl, and even now I sometimes make it and eat it for lunch when I work from home, and it brings me a feeling of blissfulness. If you have a favorite instant noodle or a situation where you find instant noodles extremely delicious, please share it with your friends!(written by WINA secretariat)


"What Did You Eat Yesterday?"

*The above mentioned scene is in episode 5.

"Yuru Camp△"

*The above mentioned scene is in episode 1 of the season 1.

"Jujutsu Kaisen"

*The above mentioned scene is the last part of episode 17, "Juju Sanpo".