Message from the Chairman

In 1997, 10 of the world’s instant noodle manufacturers gathered together and formed World Instant Noodles Association (WINA). We set our important mission as contributing to society through food, and today, our circle of members has spread to 23 countries and regions in the world to include 145 companies and organizations. As per its name, WINA’s area of activity covers the entire world.

Instant noodles were invented in 1958 in Japan. Since then, it has been accepted by people as a food that comes with the five basic values of delicious taste, safety, convenience, preservability, and affordability. In 2018, instant noodles welcomed the 60th anniversary of its invention. Based on the desire to evolve instant noodles into a food that continues to be loved at its 100th anniversary in the future, nutritiousness and eco-sustainability were added to form seven values that were set as the development principles going forward.

With this revamp of WINA’s website, we strive to introduce to everyone two aspects in a manner that is even easier to understand: the values that instant noodles have cherished so far, and new values for further evolution toward the future. We hope that people will learn more about instant noodles through this website, and it would bring great joy if instant noodles can connect with the smiles of even more people in the world.

Koki Ando

Chairman, World Instant Noodles Association