Instant hot meal that
warms hearts
and bodies

The five key principles of instant noodle development

When developing instant noodles, Momofuku Ando, an inventor of instant noodles, set forth five key principles: (1) delicious taste, (2) safety, (3) convenience, (4) preservability, and (5) affordability.
From their launch in 1958 to the present day, instant noodles have continued to embody these principles. Manufacturers around the world have since evolved the food by incorporating local food cultures and flavors—as a result, instant noodles are now cherished globally as an instant hot meal that warms hearts and bodies.

WINA’s Emergency Food Aid Activities

Of the five key development principles, it is their combination of convenience and preservability that make instant noodles particularly well suited as an emergency food in times of disaster, anywhere in the world. As of January 2021, WINA and its member companies have provided approximately 6.8 million servings to disaster areas around the world.

The future of instant noodles

The 9th World Instant Noodles Summit was held in Osaka in 2018. Due to changes in consumer awareness and social climates, WINA added two new values of nutritiousness/health and eco-sustainability to the original five key development principles of instant noodles.
In order to encourage the further evolution of instant noodles, the industry is committed to maximizing their value as an instant hot meal that warms hearts and bodies, ensuring they continue to provide an absolutely safe, delicious, healthy, and environmentally friendly meal, and so contributing to food cultures around the globe.

The new seven key development principles