The 8th World Instant Noodles Summit

May 19–21, 2012

Forum Outline

Lecture 1

Dr. V. Prakash
Distinguished scientist, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) / President, the Nutrition Society of India / Chairman of the Panel on the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India

"Instant Noodles: Nutrition, Value Addition, and Food Safety"

Touching upon the features of instant noodles, Dr. Prakash pointed out the potential of these products, on the grounds that canned/bottled beverages, which are currently sold in the billions, were never a culture in any country. He then talked about food safety and technological innovation as the prerequisites for market growth. Moreover, he suggested the development of noodles with nutraceuticals for further added value.

Lecture 2

Mr. Brian Halweil
Senior Fellow, Worldwatch Institute / Editor and Publisher, Edible Magazines

"The Eater of Tomorrow: What Slow Food, Locavores, and Climate Change Mean for the Instant Noodles Industry"

With a global population of 7 billion, along with soaring food prices resulting from abnormal weather and commodity speculation, how to feed ourselves is a grave concern. Under these emerging factors, the instant noodle industry is expected to respond to ensure long-term dietary, ecological, and economic stability. Adapting to price changes, educating customers, reducing waste, and engaging young shoppers are the keys to success, he states.

Lecture 3

Ms. Xiumei Liu
Vice President, Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology / Co-Chair of the International Expert Panel on Food Safety of IUFoST

"Overview of Food Safety in China"

This expert in food safety in China described the country's system of food safety management.

Lecture 4

Dr. Toshihiro Yamada
Director, Food Safety Research Institute of Nissin Foods Holdings / Chief Quality Officer of Nissin Foods Holdings

"Quality Assurance for Instant Noodles"

Dr. Yamada explained the basic concepts of the food safety assessment index, such as the ADI (acceptable daily intake), TDI (tolerable daily intake), and MOE (margin of exposure). He then elaborated on recent food safety concerns regarding specific issues: the issue of radiation in food (which arose in the wake of the nuclear accident in Fukushima) and the turmoil over DEHP (diethylhexyl phthalate) contamination.

Lecture 5

Mr. William Lur
Senior Vice President, Marketing Div. Convenient Food Group, Tingyi (Cayman Islands) Holding Corp

"China Delicacy and Myself"

Based on the thorough research of various food cultures in China, Tingyi strived to integrate such cultures into its instant noodle products. The presentation was paired with skillful performances of noodle making, which caught the eyes of the audience.

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