The 7th World Instant Noodles Summit

April 20–21, 2010

Kuala Lumpur Declaration

We, the leaders of the world's major manufacturers of instant noodles, have assembled in Kuala Lumpur at the 7th World Instant Noodles Summit. Under the theme of "EARTH FOOD: Making It Happen," we discussed what instant noodle industry can do collectively to serve for the dietary well being of the people around the world.

We are alarmed that the number of people suffering from hunger is forecasted to grow faster, with the global population expansion. Food security, along with food safety, is of our grave concern. At the same time, environmental issues around foods require our prompt attention, as large amount of greenhouse gas emission is attributed to the entire food supply chain. Meanwhile, people's lack of knowledge about food safety and their indifference to nutritional balance are multiplying health problems and food waste, which leads to increased social costs.

At this difficult time, we returned to basics, reaffirming the five principles of instant noodles: (1) being tasty and nutritious, (2) convenient, (3) safe and hygienic, (4) storable for long-term, and (5) reasonably priced.

The products' safety and long-term storability make it easier to ship the products from one location to another, hence help to balance the food allocation. This grain-based food is far more calorie-efficient, compared with the meat products that need a great volume of feed grains.
As exemplified by the calls on us for emergency ration in the wake of disasters, and with their intrinsic benefits, "Instant noodles will save the earth," we would even go so far as to say.

To elevate instant noodles to "Earth Food," we pledge to undertake the following actions at corporate level, and at the same time we advocate active involvement of consumers.

  1. We will reinforce our efforts to provide helping hands to the needed, by way of supplying instant noodles, using the WINA Disaster Relief Fund.
  2. We will accelerate the research of potentially hazardous substances, activating the WINA Food Safety Research Fund.
  3. We will facilitate consumers to make educated decisions on their diet, with consideration to environmental aspects.

We pledge these actions to implement the Kuala Lumpur Declaration.

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