The 7th World Instant Noodles Summit

April 20–21, 2010

Forum Outline

Lecture 1

Mr. Koki Ando
WINA Chairman / CEO of Nissin Foods Holdings

"Instant Noodles as Earth Food, The Answer to Food Crisis"

With the world population forecasted to reach 9 billion, Ando pointed that the shift to "Herbivorism" is the key to overcome the expected food crisis.
Ando elaborated on his assertion with various data and advocated to convert our diet to grain-based food from meat-based food, which is less efficient in terms of original calorie and the use of water. Originating from plant-derived materials such as wheat and palm oil, "instant noodles can save the earth," he concluded.

Lecture 2

Ms. Mary Easaw-John
Chief Dietitian, National Heart Institute of Malaysia

"New Dimensions in Nutrition–Creating Healthy Meals with Instant Noodles"

The esteemed dietitian proposed healthy menu using instant noodles from the view point of nutritional science. There is no such thing as "good" or "bad" foods but there are certainly "good" or "bad" eating habits, she argues.

Lecture 3

Mr. Dean Bramham
CEO of Publicis Communication Malaysia

"Thought for Food"

A passionate believer in the power of ideas, Dean explored the latest food marketing trend. Showing award-winning commercials of international film contests, he analyzed the changes in technology and consumer behavior.

Lecture 4

Ms. Zhang Li
Director, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China

"More Collaboration for Instant Noodles Industry's Sustainable Growth"

A director of the government of China, the world's largest instant noodle market gave a presentation on current development of the country's instant noodle industry. While she forecasts a rosy picture of instant noodles, she pointed the need for the international framework in which instant noodle manufacturers cooperate each other to ensure food safety.

Lecture 5

Mr. Salim Ramli
Group Demand & Supply Planning Manager, Nestlé

"Sustainable Distribution in the Food Supply Chain"

Nestlé, the host company of the Summit, made presentation on the group's efforts to realize the sustainable supply chain. Mr. Ramli introduced the measures to curve CO2 emission by optimizing their logistics.

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