The 6th World Instant Noodles Summit

April 8–10, 2008

Osaka Declaration

Earth Food Declaration – Etowards 100 billion servings

In commemorating the 50th anniversary of the invention of instant noodles, the 6th World Instant Noodles Summit Osaka was joined by ten top manufacturers representing ten countries and regions around the world along with 50 regular member manufacturers and 2 special members from 21 countries and regions. Discussions were held on the development of the instant noodle industry and how the industry can contribute to the world.

Global consumption of instant noodles reached 98 billion servings in 2007, and we have already begun our countdown toward achieving our 100 billionth serving in 2008. For the past 7 years, growth has exceeded an average of 10% each year. This phenomenal growth is unmatched by any other food industry, and its secret is that the instant noodle industry makes it possible for each country to preserve its national and regional cultures, and that all our members have worked consistently to improve product value through convenience, low price, and safety.

The theme of this summit was, "What role should instant noodles play in 50 years' time?" With food shortages triggered by population growth imminent in the near future, we have confirmed that securing the supply of instant noodles is critical, and we resolve to actively maintain food aid activities to regions afflicted with natural disasters and strife. To this end, we also voted to establish the WINA Disaster Relief Fund and the WINA Food Safety Research Fund.

Further, discussion was held on two recent issues. The first is that with the globalization of food, food safety has transcended the local scope and become a global issue. WINA members have resolved to share information regarding food product safety, to exchange knowledge, and to unite in protecting the consumer.

The second issue is that the upsurge in the demand for biofuel coupled with the effects of global warming has created a large demand that has been competing for grain crops. The result has been shortages in wheat, corn, and palm oil resulting in sharp increases in cost. If this continues, not only will there be problems maintaining product quality, there is even the possibility of a food crisis. Looking 50 years into the future, technological innovations and corporate endeavors will be needed to maintain a constant supply of instant noodles.

With global consumption approaching the 100 billion servings mark, we hereby make the "Earth Food Declaration," and resolve as a peace-promoting industry to promote the product value of instant noodles and to contribute to all the peoples of the earth.

We hereby celebrate the fact that instant noodles have gained permanent status as an earth food, transcending local boundaries and differences, and contributing as a super value food to the welfare of all the citizens of the earth.

At the same time, we hereby propose that the use of raw materials for food should take precedence over the use of raw materials for energy. There can be no higher priority than providing safe, nutritious food to all the people of the world who need it.

At this 50-year juncture in our history, we hereby recognize that we have come a long way in ensuring the quality and safety of instant noodles. In the next 50 years, we still have the task of innovating for better safety, better health, better ecology, and more joy and happiness, so that we may transform instant noodles into an earth food of even greater value and of even greater scale.

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