The 5th World Ramen Summit

April 11–12, 2006


Happy World with Ramen!

Dates April 11 (Tue)–12 (Wed), 2006
Venue Grand InterContinental Seoul
Host Nong Shim Co.,Ltd.

The 5th "World Ramen Summit" was held in Seoul, Korea, hosted by Nong Shim Co., Ltd. It was a big event where major manufacturers of instant noodles gathered in the instant noodle superpower, which leads the world in annual consumption of instant noodles per capita. Following a breakfast meeting consisting of top executives of each country, an official meeting attended by about 60 delegations from around the world was held on the first day. Many guests, including Mr. Park, Chairman of Korea Foods Industry Association, and Mr. Oshima, Japanese ambassador to South Korea were invited to the forum held on the second day. The forum included lectures by six celebrities, including the former Minister of Education of Korea, professor emeritus at Seoul University and others.


<Day 1>
  • Council Meeting
  • World Ramen Summits
    Opening Ceremony
    Handover Ceremony
    Secretariat Report
    Report from Technical Committee of IRMA
    TV Commercial Film Festival
    Country Reports
    Seoul Declaration
<Day 2>
  • World Ramen Conference
    Presentation of Donation to Korea Red Cross
    Lecture 1 Instant Ramen and Culture
    Mr. O-Young Lee, Former Minister of Culture Mr. Ryo Sasaki, Journalist of The Asahi Shimbun, Japan

    Special Lecture The 10 Principles for Strategies
    Dr. Byung-Nak Song, Professor Emeritus of Seoul National University / Joint Representative of Citizens United For Better Society

    Lecture 2 The Safety & Nutritious Value of Ramen
    Dr. Wan Seob Noh, Professor of Dongguk University

    Lecture3 Future of Ramen
    Dr. Suck-Chul Yoon, Chair Professorvof Hanyang University/ Professor Emeritus of Seoul National University
    Mr. Koki Ando, President of Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd, Japan

    The Seoul Declaration
  • Joint Press Conference

Event Report


In the official meeting attended by 60 delegations from each country, the Chief of Technical Committee made a report on food safety concerns, and participants had a lively exchange of views on world aggregate demand in 2005, establishment of "The Ramen Fund for Disaster Relief", and the "Declaration of Seoul". A wide variety of events were held, including a report session where representatives reported on the current situation or issues of their local markets for instant noodles, a commercial film contest where each company displayed its proud commercial messages.


Visitors really enjoyed rare products showcased at the booths of each country and commercial messages on monitors. Many visitors took company brochures, hoping to create ties for their future business.


On behalf of the IRMA, Chairman Momofuku Ando and Director General Sang Yoon Lee presented a list of 150 thousand servings of instant noodles for the Korean Red Cross in front of approximately 300 attendees. After that, six celebrities, including former Minister of Education of Korea, professor emeritus at Seoul University who attended from home and abroad delivered lectures. Also, Director General Sang Yoon Lee declared the implementation of creating high quality products based on CODEX, the establishment of "The Ramen Fund for Disaster Relief", and mutual cooperation for securing food safety.

Joint Press Conference

A large number of press people from leading Korean national newspapers and news agencies, and reporters from TV stations gathered for the conference as instant noodles have become a part of the people's diet in Korea with an annual consumption of more than 70 servings per capita. A lot of foreign media, including Japanese, also assembled at the conference.

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