WINA Food Safety Conference 2014

November 24–25, 2014


Dates November, 24 (Mon)–25 (Tue), 2014
Venue Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

WINA Food Safety Conference was held in Singapore from November 24–25. The conference was attended by a total of 98 top executives and persons in charge of quality assurance at WINA member-companies from 16 different countries/regions to discuss food safety issues.


<Day 1>
  • Board of Governors Meeting
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Keynote Speech
    "Global Trends Impacting Food"
    Dr. David Acheson, CEO of Acheson Group and former Associate Commissioner of the U.S. FDA
  • Session 1
    "Image up. Make the Pie Bigger"
    Mr. Richard Chen, CTO of Master Kong
  • Session 2
    "Leading Edge of Research for Food Safety"
    Dr. Toshihiro Yamada, Chief Quality Officer of Nissin Foods Holdings
  • Session 3
    "The Direction of Sodium Reduction"
    Dr. Visith Chavasit, Independent Director of Thai President Foods

    "Sodium Reduction Efforts by the Korean Instant Noodle Industry"
    Mr. Yong-Jae Lee, Senior VP of Nongshim
<Day 2>
  • Session 4
    "Nutrition & Health with Instant Noodles"
    Mr. Parminder Singh Joshi, Group Manager –Culinary of Nestlé R&D Centre India
  • Session 5
    "Food Defense as a Brand Owner"
    Mr. Yasuhiro Yamada, Chief Production Officer of Nissin Foods Holdings
  • Chairman's Summary

Event Report

Board of Governors Meeting

At the Board of Governors Meeting held in the morning of Day One, WINA Chairman proposed to hold concurrently two different lines of gathering for the future WINA events; namely a biennial conference on the topics of members' concerns such as food safety and ESG*1 issues, and an irregular-base public-relations oriented Summit*2 hosted by a Governor. Also, the donations to the WINA Disaster Relief Fund (US$100,000 from Tingyi and US$50,000 from Bixiang) were reported. As for the WINA Food Safety Research Fund, the need for more effective use was pointed.

*1 Environmental, Social, Governance
*2 Upon the approval of the board

Plenary Session

WINA Chairman Koki Ando's opening address was followed by a keynote speech by Dr. David Acheson, former Associate Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and then the food safety sessions commenced. Each session started with a short presentation by a WINA member-company on a food safety issue the instant noodles industry is confronted with, such as the latest study on hazardous substances and sodium reduction. Those presentations, then, were followed by discussions by the attendees. Chairman Ando pointed that a quality problem in one company could damage the entire industry, and initial response is critically important. He then wrapped up the conference saying "food safety is a non-competitive issue and the industry as a whole needs to collaborate to establish guideline on food safety, sodium reduction and nutrition."

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